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University Life in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland(RCSI) ( Before and 1st Year)

"Building on our heritage in surgery, we will enhance human health through endeavour, innovation and collaboration ineducation, research and service" RCSI noble purpose.

Proses Pemilihan Untuk Enrolled in RCSI

First thing to do is online application and then an interview will follow. For online application, you need to surf the internet and go to and click "admission."  From there, I'm sure you all knew what to do. After that, RCSI administration will demands two recent passport sized photographs, signed on the back and must be send by e-mail or post. Plus, a personal statement detailing your reasons for applying to RCSI (Please keep your personal statement to a maximum of two pages in length, double-spaced).

After the application process, an interview will follow. For the interview, representatives from RCSI which consist of professors, doctors and  "directors" will come and conduct the interview di kolej persedian anda ataupun anda sendiri yg akan ke hotel terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur seperti Grand Millenium Hotel, JW Marriot Hotel and etc dan have your interview there. During my time, the interview is conducted at MARA College Banting (MCB) coz thats my college. A sum of 21 students had been interviewed including me and generally the questions that they ask were quite formal such as "Why did u choose medicine ?, Why RCSI ?, Can u survive in overseas ? " and etc. So, I just prepare the skema jawapan je lah^^ Anyway, behind all this, the most important thing is that you must show a decent result in your previous semester exams and a good proficiency english. That's all and "Poof" you'll sure gonna pass. Trust Me^^

First Year in RCSI 

Okay! Let's begins with 1st year story. For RCSI students, the course is divided into cycles starting with Junior cycle (JC), followed by Intermediate Cycle (IC) and ending with Senior Cycle (SC). Simply said, when you come to  first year, you will be in Junior Cycle 1(JC1). After that, we got JC 2, JC 3. Then comes IC 1, IC 2, IC 3 and finally, SC 1 and SC 2.

What is more, one of the privileges of being RCSIans is that you will be getting a laptop; model name HP  620 upon registration. Well, owning a laptop is very crucial here as the lecture notes are all in the internet; in a system called MOODLE. Besides, there are 2 subjects that you need to learn online which are Histology and Radiology. Thus, thats why every lecture hall and tutorial rooms, library, cafeteria and main lobby of the building is equipped with wireless internet facilities for students. Well, RCSI must provide a comfortable and conducive  place to study for its students coz we pay more than the local.

Now, we gonna dwelve into the first semester subjects or modules (whatever you wanna called it).

1). Neuromuscular (NM) + Histology.
2). Concepts and principles in biochemistry (CPB) + Histology
3). Health and behaviour in society (HBS)
4). Haemotology and Immune system (HIS) + Histology
5). Alimentary system (AS) + Histology
6). Clinical competencies (CC)

A lot isn't it ? I guess this is why medical students are sometimes called "NERD." Well, we need to study a lot and try to not make even a single mistake bcoz' in real life a mistake can cost you a life. For more elaboration, in a week there are 2 anatomy classes which last for about 1 hour and 30 minutes for each class. And during that time, you will be expose to the "Cadaver (mayat)" and surgery skills in cutting off the skins, muscles, nerves, vessels and etc. So, make sure to attend the class. Its interesting and FUN!!! I guarantee^^  Besides, every semester, there are 3 oral anatomy tests or we called it "Card Signing," though it doesn't involve signing any cards. Anyway, though some students didn't like it that much, card signing will actually improve your knowledge and skills practically.

As an addition, in first year, you will be exposed to clinical competencies where a lot of practical sessions come into action. In this module, You will learn on how to use the stethoscope, taking pulses, and most important is to do a history taking from a patient. There are also practical sessions where you will learn on how to do GI (gastrointestinal), respiratory and cardiac examinations on a life model (actors). Sounded FUN!!! Isn't it ? Well, trust me it makes you say "Now I know that its worth to enrolled in RCSI."

Lastly...TESTS!!! EXAMS!!! Well, RCSI examination system is a semester based system. It means that you will have final exam at the ending of the semester. Plus, there are 2 quizzes in each semester where it carry about 2.5-5% marks to the final. And "card signing" which I mention before also carry some marks to the final which is about 2.5%. Ops, not to forgot to mention that there are 1 project work in each semester, where in the first semester, you do it yourself, meanwhile in the 2nd semester you'd do it together with a group which you are assign to. And for sure it also carries marks to the final.

Hmm, a lot of things that I want to write about RCSI...but Disebabkan malas nak tulis, I'd just give links yg menceritakan more informations about RCSI. Link: Click Here. and Click Here. and also Click Here.

Below is a video about RCSI for its 200 years celebration. enjoy the history, sceneries and pictures!

RCSI 200 Years on St Stephen's Green from Royal College of Surgeons in Ire on Vimeo.

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