Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FAQ From FUTURE KMB Students

1). Salam...dear seniors,rmai x student kmb yg dpt fly?agk2 brape peratus eh?
2). Ada org ckp student a-level lg senang nk fly drp student IB btul ke?

Soalan pertama: Peratusan pelajar KMB yg dapat fly setiap tahun kebiasaannya melebihi 70%...and this will varies according to student results for a particular year (klu ramai yg pass 35 points and xde kes plagiat, ramai la yg akan fly). Plus, as a prove, nie artikel from Berita Harian yg ckap 85% students KMB fly(for batch 2007-2009 klu x silap la) link:       
Anyway, the link from official berita harian website tak jumpe, but dont worry bcoz I've seen the real article in papers. So, it's confirmed.

Soalan kedua: Hmm, soalan nie nak jawab gune simple logik jer...klu students yg amik IB susah nak fly, sponsors mcm MARA, JPA, Petronas, FELDA and etc. x hantar korang kat sini. Jujurnya IB is still new as compared to A-level, but walaupun masih baru namun kebanyakan universiti luar berebut naik amik IB students and that is a fact. Nak bukti: IUMC (search sendiri) sanggup bagi quota sebanyak 50-60 placements untuk IB students kt KMB shj (depa x bg quota sbnyak nie kt kolej2 A-level lain)...Then, IB nie naturenyer seimbang antara academic dan koko...and bile kat universiti nnti...IA korang akan lebih mudah nak sesuaikan keadaan as compared to A-level students sbb pendedahan yg korang dapat (but this will varies according how the students utilize the knowledge that they get in KMB)...What's more sbb nature IB nie lah skrng bnyak uni luar prefer IB. When you get in KMB selalulah tnyer kaunselor korang betul ke ape ak cakap nie and then bacelah pointer requirement setiap uni kat uni prospectives booklets kat bilik kaunselling@placemet officer nnti. Bile dah bace pointer requirements tu korang compare la...IB students or A-level students yg lebih senang nak fly...huhu

Plus, this is very important...In the end of the long as korang pass 35 points IA akan fly punyer laaa...Ini Pasti!!! InsyaAllah...xde kes yg lepas 35 pastu x fly (unless students tu mmg xnak fly atau plagiat "kerja kursus" atau sakit dan yg sewaktu dengannya).

Lastly...persoalan x fly and kurang peluang klu boleh jngn diwujudkan sbb bende2 camnie akan demotivate korang sedangkan realitinya lebih baik. Trust me, just be positive and strive throughout ur future; 2 years in KMB. InsyaAllah, rezeki nak fly sentiasa ada. Just grab it by fulfilling the requirements from uni and penaja. Ganbarre :)


  1. one more ques : KMS pnye student pon sme situation mcm nihh kan ?

  2. KMS offers A-level and IB Dploma Programme...For IB students shj...situasi diorng lebih kurang same cam KMB students, cume their placements might be a bit different. During my time, most of KMS placements (medicine) are on countries such as India, Poland and Czech. Latest news, I've heard that they had open the placements for UK...but for confirmation better if u refer to KMS students themselves.

  3. All the best from me to all of you...WTK (Welcome To KMB) :) Klu ad salah dan silap hamba memohon maaf in advance..huhu

  4. thnks :)
    im KMS-ianz to be. thts why i ask u bout KMS .
    thnks doc! :)

  5. Welcome, but actually I'm not yet a real doc...bru abis 1st year kt RCSI...huhu
    x kisah la KMB or KMS...most importantly, korang belajar dekat situ and strive well utk capai cita2 masing2. :)

    I remembered during my interview with MARA...They asked me " If we were to send you to local university in Malaysia is that okay with you ?"

    and I said "Its fine as long as I got to study the course that applied which is medicine."

    For me the place doesn't really matter, what matter is your passion for ur future career...

  6. For me the place doesn't really matter, what matter is your passion for ur future career...

    i would like to quote this.

    all the best to you!
    im waiting for my IB results in two weeks time.
    do pray for me!

  7. Skrng part doa n tawakkal...Kami doakan yg terbaik buat kamu Nurlisa...May you get 7 for each subjects and full bonus points for your IB final exam. Amin :)