Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Precious Classmate.

Hmmm, I just got a message on FB from my ex-classmate. Well2, I'm so surprised n happy that he/she will be visiting Dublin on 29th January. So, my task is to recommend her some interesting places that we have in Dublin. Chop2, let me imagine...


View From The Top Top of Bray Hill

Pantai Bray dan modelnya.

Bukit Bray laa pulak..Comel kan bukit tu...Seronok klu kita dpt mndakinya.

Penerangan tentang Bray...I'll give a link from wikipedia:

Transport to Bray

Naik Dublin Bus ke City Centre and then go to Tara Street Train Station/DART (near SIPTU and Dublin Bridge). From there buy a ticket 2 Bray ( That'll cost U 2.75 euro). Sampai jer station Bray jalan kaki keluar menghala ke arah bukit Bray dalam 500 meter terus jer jumpa pantai...Enjoy!!!.



Sekitar Glendalough

Tasik Glendalough...Cantik kan...^_^


Naik jer bus tour...It's as easy as 123.
The link:

Enjoy!!! Jaaa ne...^_^


I'll add up some pictures of Bray...(sbb dah pegi sane)...he3


Pantai lagi...mane Bray Hill nie???

Rock climbing di Bray Hill???

Cerun kan...

Di puncak Bray anda akan menemui ini. I don't want to spoil the view...U'll go there and u'll see. ^_^ Jaaa neee...

Buat Perkara Yg Berfaedah Di Waktu Cuti Anda ^_^

Learning English!!!

I'm on 2 weeks holiday after the final semester examination and all I'm up to now is just watching ANIME. Hmmm, is it useless and wasteful??? I don't want to answer that. Nevertheless, I think I'm gonna start following those English Lessons in Youtube 2 improve my language fluency. It's interesting and after all I'm not that good in English to begin with. Therefore, it's a good thing for me to do in filling up my holiday. Jaaa...nee

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adakah Kau Lupa???

Reminiscence of the past:

mY Past experiences had been very interesting to share (non-confidential only). Yes, indeed. So, let the journey to the past begins:

My Precious friends aka Classmates

Swimming through the sea of MARA College Banting...

From 2008-2010, life had been very interesting and fun. I indulge in most of my time there, though there are certain poignant memories that I just want to buried it in my unconscious mind. Well, to be specific, for the first semester, I made a lot of new friends and learn new subjects such as economics and 'CAS.' Activities in simple points:

1). Study2 for the coming semester examination.
2). Helping juniors in choosing their course.
3). CAS at PDK Teluk Datok.
4). Petanque for KASUKMA.
5). Thinking about universities...
6). Miss my mom.

Petanque: Friendly at MARA College Seremban. Ps: Amilin was preparing to shoot!!!

Cheerful face at PDK Teluk Datok...

Favorite Quotation
"i don't wanna say gud luck to u all b'coz gud luck is for those who depend on luck only. However, I wanna wish U all da best that I can. U need to do the best!!! Jaaa..."

During 1st Semester Break

I got to be a Peer Buddy for the International Robotic Competition 08 at UIA
and doing C.A.S project at Melaka Biotechnology Institute. Lastly, I've fallen deep in the darkness of love, though I think it's something :)

Seung Jol and Indonesian boy with their helpful Peer Buddy...:)

2nd Semester

Well, the challenges and difficulties started to increase tremendously. STRESS is a common word, but I've gain experiences which i believe had made me more matured. And certainly there were some backlash from my 1st semester examination's result...Well, in points' view:

1). Searching for Extended Essay(EE) and World Literature(WL) information. EE in Economics.
2). P. Ramlee English Drama...I'm acting as cow in Nujum Pak Belalang Movie.
3). Prostar.
4). Having a lot of troubles with my personal life.
5). Taekwando practice ( 2nd yellow belt).
6). Health Talk at Kampung Olak Lempit. (I'm the manager this time).
7). Letter to anonymous...My pen pal is Farhana.
8). Get to play with the Softball machine gun at OneUtama.
9). Theory of Knowledge(TOK). Searching for some important informations.
10). Save GAZA.
11). Amal Islami.

Bersama Prostar Kuala langat di Pantai Morib...Karnival Kesihatan

The strongest Taekwando Team

Menderma darah semasa Karnival Kesihatan di Kampung Olak Lempit.

Ada bakat jadi softball model..he3

Oh, Amal Islamiku...

3rd Semester.
The worst and the most terrifying semester:

1). My personal problems had just overwhelming me. I lost in controlling myself as I let my emotions to take over myself.
2). MOCK interview for universities. I choose RCSI.
3). Mathematics' Internal Assesment. Trust me, it's horror.
4). Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
5). Usrah jangan dilupakan.
6). Academic day. My result was bad and therefore, I need to attend 'Academic day.'

It was all green during Hari Raya...:)

4th Semester
The last semester in IB

1). Universities placement's interview for IUMC and RCSI. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get both offer, but due to 5 in chem, I only managed to continue my study in RCSI. Bye2 IUMC.
2). Final IB examination.
3). Plagiarism story went up, but luckily I wasn't involved.
4). Holiday as the exams' ends....:)

Special Graduation Day

Me and my family at my Graduation Day.

 Life in Ireland.

 Alhamdulillah, I managed to keep myself in track with my dreams though not really 100% rate of success. Somehow I feel better and stronger and happy as well. :)

1 month b4 fly:

1). Looking for housemates and 'rumah untuk disewa!!!'
2). Preparing clothes, bag, foods, and some med. books. Not to forget stethoscope.
3). Having my quality time with family.

In Ireland

1). It's cold and I was sick!!! To make it worst, I was already sick in Malaysia.
2). Register in RCSI and got a new HP laptop from the uni.
3). Lectures and study.
4). Went to Belfast and visited some friends at Queens' University of Belfast.
5). Paintball at Bray.
6). Ice Skate at Arnott.
7). Semester examination...HORROR TIME AND AGAIN!!!