Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Salam, dah lame xpost ape2 kat blog...sibuk dengan assignments...So, entri kali ini just sharing one of the content from a number of letters that I gave to my anonymous friend. 

Hmmm...about the issue of  “Kahwin Muda." My comments are :


You’re still tooooo young to deal with it....
Not much knowledge or even experiences....LOL is massively heavy and can cause catastrophe to your life...I mean how can you divide the time for you, your spouse, studies, and parents...
What if out of blue, you got your 1st child....It surely will give you a 1000,000 volt electric shock to your brain...

That is just from 1 view only...
But I it can be vice versa...I mean looking at the positive side....Hmmm, 


You will be tremendously motivated and have the desire to work/study harder coz you know that you have a lot of responsibilities now to be carried on your shoulder.
And not to forget, love can make you feel something like "lust has no boundaries." Therefore in order to avoid you from making’s better if you get married.
Besides, getting married is like you are "membina masjid", so, why postpone..???
But then, the final decision depends on the person who are getting married...if he/she says yes, then, go on!

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